An SME accelerator program is designed to offer a holistic approach to business development, emphasizing rapid growth, scalability,and sustainability for the participating small and medium-sized enterprises. Aim to designed to provide guidance, support, and practicaladvice to small and medium-sized businesses to help these businesses to overcome challenges, improve their operations, and achievesustainable growth.

Key Challenge

Corporate Governance
Accounting Practices
Risk Management & Compliance
Financial Strategy & Fund Raising
For more information about SME ACCELATOR PROGRAM, check out our factsheet.


Set up SME Clinic Booth at Sidec 2023

Set up SME Clinic Booth at Sidec 2023.

Set up SME Clinic Booth

Set up SME Clinic Booth at the event of The Sandbox – Astro AEC , hosted by our partner, Mystartr.


We regularly participate in various events, offering comprehensive business advisory services and structural consultation to our clients. Whether it’s providing strategic guidance or assisting with complex legal matters, our team is dedicated to delivering tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each client. Through our expertise and collaborative approach, we strive to empower businesses and individuals to navigate challenges effectively and achieve their goals.

The Next Chapter of Life – Trust or Will

Signing Memorandum of Understanding(MOU) between TCC Group, Pacific and Top Advisory Group. This MOU marked a pivotal moment in our strategic alignment and fostering synergistic partnerships..

Eco Nature Park Shareholder Reporting Gala

Our CFO and Company Secretary have been graciously invited to partake in the Shareholder Reporting Gala, hosted by our client, Eco Nature Park.

TCC x Mystartr

The official signing ceremony for the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between TCC Group and Mystartr marked a significant milestone in the partnership journey. This signing event symbolizes the beginning of a fruitful and promising partnership, characterized by collaboration, synergy, and shared success.

The Next Chapter of Life – Trust or Will

Our lawyer was poised to deliver an enlightening and informative talk on trust and wills, offering invaluable guidance to attendees seeking clarity and understanding in matters of estate planning and asset distribution.

ESG Seminar

Our CFO was invited to participate in the ESG Seminar, emphasizing the acknowledgment of their expertise and the significance of their presence in addressing the complexities of sustainable and responsible business practices.

Sub-sales Monthly Meeting

Our Conveyancing Senior Lawyer was invited to give a talk about property conveyancing in Malaysia.

Sub-sales Monthly Meeting

Our Company Secretary was invited to deliver an insightful discourse on the intricate framework and operational dynamics pertinent to companies within the jurisdiction of Malaysia.

Top Advisory Group Event

Our Company Secretary was invited to deliver a comprehensive discourse on the intricate process of incorporating a company within the regulatory framework of Malaysia.