Founder and Managing Partner, TCC Law

Victor Tuang Geng Yong

Victor is the Founder and Managing Partner of TCC Law. With over 7 years of experience as a corporate lawyer in Malaysia and China, Victor has considerable exposure and experience in dealing with start-ups, SMEs, and MNCs. He is passionate about helping SMEs transform their business in this day and age of capital markets, through shareholding structure and expanding their investor networks. Victor is a trusted advisor and a skilled negotiator who is able to guide his clients through complex legal transactions.

Director, TCC Corporate Services

Derrick Tan Hong Shen

Derrick is the head of the Corporate Services division of TCC and a Chartered Accountant of MIA and CPA Australia.

He has over ten years of experience in accounting, auditing, and corporate secretarial services. He has worked as a senior auditor in a “Big Four” accounting firm in Kuala Lumpur, leading a team of 12 junior auditors and handling public listed companies and high-profile clients across various industries. He has also participated in Reporting Accountant’s engagement on IPO, fundraising exercises and due diligence for merger and acquisition projects.

Derrick has extensive knowledge and expertise in accounting standards such as MFRS and IFRS. He has managed the assurance and corporate exercise engagements of Genting Berhad and 90 of its direct subsidiaries, as well as the assurance engagement of Sime Darby Motors Group. Derrick is a reliable and professional accountant who can provide high-quality corporate services to his clients.

Director, TCC Corporate Services (Northern Region @ Penang)

Kuek Gaik Shan

Gaik Shan is a seasoned professional with a decade of expertise in
financial audit, contract review, and compliance. She excels in
contract compliance reviews, business process assessments,
application control evaluations, operational reviews, and enterprise
risk management, and has led numerous successful projects
throughout Southeast Asia.

Her noteworthy achievements include supporting a US team on a
joint venture review for a solar cells manufacturing company, and co-
sourcing with the internal auditor of an insurance company.

Known for delivering high-quality services, Gaik Shan is a skilled and
experienced professional, committed to excellence in every aspect of
her work.

Director, TCC Corporate Services (Southern Region@Johor Bahru)

Heng Ai Li

Heng Ai Li is a highly qualified and experienced professional in the field of accounting, holding a Bachelor of Applied Science from Deakin University in Australia. In addition, Heng Ai Li possesses a Professional Diploma in Corporate Management and she is a licensed Company Secretary with SSM (Companies Commission of Malaysia).

Heng Ai Li is well-positioned to provide invaluable support to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the realm of corporate services. Ai Li can guide SMEs in optimizing their financial practices, ensuring regulatory compliance, providing strategic business consultancy, and facilitating smooth incorporation processes. Her proficiency in navigating the complexities of diverse industries underscores her ability to offer tailored solutions that contribute to the growth and sustainability of SMEs in today’s competitive business landscape.

Currently, Ai Li holds a managerial position at the Corporate Services division of TCC Johor Bahru, a firm of chartered accountants that specializes in accounting and bookkeeping, company secretarial services, tax advisory, and business incorporation.

Founder and Managing Partner, TCC Capital

Kay Huck Kian

Huck Kian is a highly experienced finance and corporate strategy professional with over 8 years of combined experience. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst charterholder and Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst, and has led an in-depth performance analysis of Boost Holdings Sdn Bhd’s portfolio companies during his tenure there.

Having assisted companies in developing strategic frameworks for their businesses and proactively delivering meaningful, accurate, and timely reporting and analysis on business performance, Huck Kian helps companies make better financial decisions and achieve their objectives.

Partner, TCC Capital

Wong Jin Hui

Jin Hui has over 6 years of experience in venture capital, corporate finance, and business start-up advisory across the Asia region.

Prior to joining TCC Group, he has worked for various venture capital firms, family offices, and asset management firms, where he has engaged in over 30 start-up investments spanning Asia, South America.

Ambassador & Corporate Advisor, TCC Corporate Services

Shevvone Chong Li Wen

Shevvone Chong Li Wen is a brand ambassador and corporate consultant at TCC Corporate Services. Having legal education in Malaysian law and experience in ESG-related activities, Shevvone has participated in equity structure and fundraising consulting.

In 2023, she was a guest on Malaysia’s first Chinese crowdfunding reality show, “The Sandbox, Second Season,” where she helped screen companies for resources worth over RM1.5 million. She is passionate about market research, understanding industry trends, and helping companies implement sustainable strategies. With a Malaysian certification, she helps companies identify risks and ensures compliance.